Ellen DeGeneres Challenges Michelle Obama to Planking Contest During Quarantine Phone Call

Like many others in quarantine right now, Ellen DeGeneres has been staying in contact with a few friends via the phone while stuck at home, including former First Lady Michelle Obama. Along with a slew of other celebrity friends, including Adam Levine and Chrissy Teigen, DeGeneres called Obama and challenged her to a planking contest.

In the five-minute video, DeGeneres and Obama discuss what each other is doing to stay busy during this time. The daytime talk show host even joked with Obama about her kids being home from college. But in the last minute of the video, DeGeneres says she's almost ready to challenge her friend in a planking contest and Obama sounded confident in her response.

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"My friend @MichelleObama makes the world a better place," she captioned the video.

"I'm ready to challenge you in a plank pretty soon, I'm getting there," DeGeneres said right after she was pointing out that people are so used to being busy and how the quarantine has forced the majority of people to sit down for a little bit, which may involve a lot of working out.

"Yeah, I'm gonna let you sit on that," Obama replied. "Because you always seem pretty overly confident in your ability to beat me in these physical matches, but we'll see."

DeGeneres replied by saying, "Yeah, I'm gonna let you sit on that too," as she laughed. Right after, DeGeneres' wife, Portia Rossi chimed in and said, "She's been working out every day, Michelle."

DeGeneres then suggested they could turn it into a charity event where people would bet on who they think would win. "Alright, well, we'll cross that bridge when you feel like you're in shape," Obama joked.

While they're feeling the competition already, the two ended their conversation on a more sentimental note with an "I love you."


Since being stuck in her Santa Barbara, California, home, DeGeneres has posted several videos to social media showing her call some of her favorite people. In these videos, DeGeneres typically asks what her friends are up to and after they tell her, the conversation usually wraps up. Jennifer Aniston was one lucky person she called and Aniston joked that the two had spoken just 30 minutes prior but that didn't seem to phase DeGeneres as she's obviously growing bored just sitting at home.

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