Dr. Pimple Popper Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With 'Skittles' Cysts

Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, posted her latest popping video to YouTube on Saturday with a special holiday twist to tie into St. Patrick's Day.

In a video titled "Happy St. Patrick's Day 2018!" Lee started off her episode by splitting open some steatocystoma multiplex cysts, which Lee called Skittle Steatocystoma, on a man's forehead. She's previously referred to the cysts as "cute," given their size and shape to the popular candy.

And to keep things festive, traditional Irish music is played throughout the video (which is nearly 26 minutes long) whenever puss begins to spew out from one of her poppings.

"That's going to make our St. Paddy's Day video," Lee said as she split open and squeezed puss out of one of the cysts.

Her second segment, titled "A Cute Little Squirt," showed Lee splitting a cyst a man had on his ear lobe.

"And you've had this for how long?" Lee asked.

"Oh, it's been years," the man said.

"It's like a cute little eye ball," Lee said after opening the cyst and squeezing out a shocking amount of puss. "You wouldn't even know all that was filled in there."

Her third pop of the day came from an inflamed cyst. While it started out spewing the expected green puss, it quickly turned red with blood as she continued to squeeze.

The nastiest pop of the episode came at the 8-minute mark, where she went after a massive cyst on the back of a woman's head that was protruding out despite being covered by hair. All of the festive music and banter between Lee and the patient were gone as she pulled out the cyst's massive core.

TLC announced back in January that Dr. Lee was getting her own show thanks to the massive fan base she's grown from her YouTube channel. The network also posted casting information, offering fans the opportunity to have their pops shown on television if they have any severe pimples in need of popping.

"Do you have a lipoma or cyst? Are you suffering from severe blackheads or acne? Do you have an undiagnosed skin condition that is negatively affecting you? We want to hear your story and possibly have Dr. Lee help change your life," the casting notes read.

Lee made headlines on Sunday when she said in an interview with The Daily Mail that her videos are popular for the same reason adult entertainment is popular on the internet.


"People were watching under a closet, almost like it was porn, and people are now embracing it," Lee said. "It's become less guilty. People were hiding this issue, but now they are announcing it to the world, they are proud of it.

"They've found other people who have this same joy and they appreciate that and now they know they are normal. It's absolutely mind-boggling to me."