DoorDash Driver Fired After Stealing Taco Bell Order in Viral TikTok

A DoorDash driver has been fired after a viral TikTok exposed the fact that they stole a taco from an order. Katelyn Haun, who posts on TikTok under the handle @katelyn8560, shared about her experience ordering Taco Bell from the food delivery app. Haun noticed that the bag containing her family's order had been ripped open, and after distributing the items, she realized that her Doritos Locos Taco was missing. She didn't think anything of it, because items go missing all the time. "Not really gonna worry about it, just gonna go ahead and get me a little refund, call it a day," Haun says in the video.

However, the picture her Dasher sent showed her fingers, which were obviously covered in Dorito dust. "Y'all. Tell me that ain't Dorito dust on this woman's fingers," Haun says in the video. "Tell me this woman didn't eat my tacos now!" The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and has over 460k likes.


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TikTok users found the video hilarious, sounding off in the comments about the orange-handed thief. "She's basically bragging," wrote one viewer. "Her fingers didn't have to be in the picture." Another person quipped that they "would've texted the driver 'nice fingers' and sent the pic they left lmao." Others rushed to the comments section to make puns: "Ma'am… miss delivery driver… that was NACHO taco." However, other people shared that this behavior by a Dasher made things difficult for honest employees. "She's the reason us honest dashers sometimes get treated like [poop emoji]," one person wrote. "I legit freak out if the bag rips when handling it. Like sorry but I didn't." Others questioned her choice of items to pilfer. "Out of everything they could have eaten, they chose the thing that leaves evidence," wrote one viewer.


Haun ended up reporting the missing item and was issued a full refund and credit. However, DoorDash also took an additional step and fired the driver. "Trust and respect in our community is extremely important, and we take reports of this behavior seriously," a DoorDash spokesperson told Too Fab. "Our policy strictly prohibits Dashers from taking or tampering with customer orders in any way, which leads to immediate removal from our platform. We have reached out to the customer to offer our support and deactivated the Dasher involved."