Donald Trump Now Says He Would Wear a Mask in Public If He's in a 'Tight Situation'

Donald Trump previously expressed opposition to wearing a face mask during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but now he says that he would wear a mask in public, if he's in a "tight situation." Trump made the statement during an interview with Fox Business Network, saying that "if he "were in a tight situation with people" he "would absolutely" wear a mask.

USA Today noted that while Trump is now open to wearing a mask, he did not wear one during Thursday's news conference held at The White House. Reporters wore masks and maintained social distancing measures, which was praised by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. "I'm pleased to see you're all wearing masks," he told the group. Mnuchin was asked about Trump not wearing a mask, which he defended by saying, "Because he's the president of the United States and people are not around him close and the people who are around him are tested." He added, "I don't think he needs to wear a mask, but the rest of us – absolutely," and then stated, "The president supports wearing masks."

In other recent comments, Trump said that he would not make wearing masks in public a national requirement. "I don't know if you need mandatory," he said. "You have many places in the country where people stay very long distance. But I'm all for masks, I think masks are good." Trump then said that, personally, he would "have no problem" wearing a mask, but added that "usually I'm not in that position."

Notably, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams has openly urged all American's to wear masks, especially if they ever want colleges sports to return. "If you want the return of college football this year, wear a face covering. If you want a chance at prom next spring, wear a face covering," Adams said. "Please, please, please, wear a face covering when you go out in public. It is not an inconvenience. It is not a suppression of your freedom." He then added, "This mask, this face-covering actually is an instrument of freedom for Americans, if we all use it."