How Many Times Donald Trump Has Gone Golfing in His First Term so Far

Donald Trump isn't unfamiliar with drawing criticisms. The president has found himself in controversy throughout his tenure, whether it be as a result of his own comments or actions he has made. Perhaps one of the most talked about things when it comes to Trump — and to a degree with others before him — is the amount of time spent on the green golfing.

In Trump's case, the number of times he has visited one of his golf resorts hit 271 on Sunday. His most visit excursion saw him in Bedminster, New Jersey where he spent the weekend from Friday. The previous weekend saw in Potomac, Virginia, at Trump National. A website has been created that solely documents the number of times he visits the clubs and also the number of times he has golfed, which currently sits at approximately 131 times since taking office.

His time away from the White House has been placed even more under the microscope since the country has been tasked against fighting the coronavirus. Since March, when the spread of COVID-19 was first beginning to turn its ugly head, Trump has visited his resorts at least 23 times.

On Friday, Trump hosted one of his latest press conferences from the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. There, he addressed the pandemic and the nation's response to fighting the virus — the country topped five million total cases over the weekend as five states comprised approximately 40% of those numbers — all while continuing to refer to as the "China Virus."

What made the conference gain some viral steam across social media, however, was the members of the golf club that were behind Trump, many of whom not wearing any facial coverings, and the proper six feet of social distancing was not enforced. Trump was staunchly against wearing masks at the beginning of the pandemic but eventually turned the corner as he began to speak publicly while wearing them, though not in a consistent manner.


His golf visits continue to come under heavy scrutiny as many people await an agreement being made between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to a second stimulus package. With discussions starting to hit a standstill, Trump issued an executive order on Saturday from his golf club calling for payroll tax deferral and a $400 bonus for unemployment as opposed to the previous $600 that was honored in the first package.