Domino's Delivery Employee Fired After Video Cursing out Teenage Customer Over No Tip

A Domino's Pizza delivery employee was reportedly fired after he was caught on video cursing at two teenagers after he did not receive a tip. The teens' father said it was just a misunderstanding, as his daughter did not know how to add a tip to the bill when she placed the order. The area supervisor and store manager personally visited the family to make the situation right by giving the teens gift cards.

The Albuquerque father told TMZ his 13-year-old daughter asked him if she could order sandwiches from Domino's while he was out of town. He agreed, and gave her his credit card information. When the driver arrived to drop off the order, she signed the receipt, but left the tip line blank because she mistakenly thought the delivery fee was the tip. Her brother handed the receipt to the driver, who could be heard saying "f— you, bro," even through the face mask he was wearing.

In the video, the son laughs and told the driver he did not make the order. He said it was his sister's fault, but that did not calm the driver down. "Well, tell her. I don't make f— money if I don't get tipped ... I just brought you your [order] with my gas," the driver said. The kids laughed as the driver walked away. Their father told TMZ it is still important to make sure you tip service workers, but said the order his children received was wrong. "She ordered a sandwich but received cheese bread. Go figure," he told TMZ.

Later, TMZ reported the delivery employee was fired after the father called Domino's to complain. The general manager and franchise owner personally called to apologize, then the area supervisor and store manager went to the home. They gave each teen a $200 prepaid gift card and a $100 gift card to the family. "I am a small franchisee that is locally owned and operated, and we always strive to do what is right," the owner told TMZ.


Earlier this month, Domino's released a new statement on how the company is operating during the coronavirus pandemic. CEO Rich Allison said the company is implementing new training measures to "reinforce good hygiene practices and social distancing" within their locations. They have also created a "pizza pedestal" concept where customers can specify where a driver can drop an order so it does not touch the ground. Carside delivery will be an option as well, so customers can pick up orders without leaving their cars.