Convicted Walmart Shooter Gets up to 358 Years in Prison

The man found guilty of a 2015 shootout in a Walmart parking lot now faces up to 358 years in prison.

On Thursday, 33-year-old Scott Sargent entered a courtroom in Pennsylvania bearing a tattoo on his forearm featuring tombstones with the names of survivors of the attack, the Daily Mail reports. A judge ordered that his sentences be served consecutively, meaning that he faces a minimum of 179 years to a maximum of 358 years in prison.

In October 2015, Sargent walked onto a Walmart parking lot and began firing shots at officers. Several of the bullets struck police vehicles, and one struck the headrest of the vehicle Wilkes-Barre Township Police Officer Brian Bouton was in, nearly wounding him. The shooting ended when Officer Alan Gribble shot Sargent in the abdomen.

During the sentencing, prosecutor Jarrett Ferentino drew attention to Sargent's jailhouse tattoo.

"We learned that he received a tattoo with five tombstones with the names of his victims that survived his attack, with a skeleton skull over the tombstones. I think it's disrespectful but it speaks volumes of who he is and what his intentions were that day," he said. "He failed to put them [the officers] in their graves…I want him to be reminded every single day those individuals are why he's spending every day in jail."


Sargent, who had testified during his trial that the shots he fired were warning shots and that he hadn't seen the officers, remained silent during the sentencing. He was given credit for the 790 days he has already served in jail.