'Cobra Kai' Showrunners Tease Possible Spinoffs From Netflix Series

Cobra Kai stole the hearts of many after its 2018 premiere, and now fans are patiently waiting for the Season 3 premiere to kick off their new year. It's safe to say that The Karate Kid is a classic fan-favorite, so the thought of a spin-off was an easy enough sell to millions. However, the popular series' executive producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg revealed that they haven't ruled out a potential spin-off option.

"Cobra Kai itself is a spin-off in a way, in a sense of this massive, awesome movie that we all fell in love with," Schlossberg started in a lengthy statement after being asked by Entertainment Weekly to clarify whether fans can expect more from the franchise. "We treat Karate Kid like Breaking Bad, and our show is like the Better Call Saul. But we may be the Breaking Bad for some other Better Call Saul that we come up with — whether it's through characters from the franchise that haven't been explored. We just love The Karate Kid, so when you give us an inch, we'll go for it all when it comes to having fun with the story and the characters."

He continued, "There's nothing, no official thing in the works. This deal is all about Cobra Kai going to Netflix," Schlossberg said at the time, "But it's absolutely our intention to have as much fun with this world and these characters as possible." Netflix announced earlier this year that they had officially picked up all three seasons after YouTube released the show back to Sony Pictures Television.

While Netflix was the lucky platform to land as the hub for the series, the shopping process was exactly that: A process. Heald detailed that when the coronavirus became the peak of everyone's interest when deemed a global pandemic, he feels that selfishly it was good for the show. After all, it grew the show's interest by a lot because it was considered "brand-new content" — which is what millions were looking for since so many were working from home and forced to stay inside. This, of course, made them desirable to several streaming outlets, including Netflix. Schlossberg detailed what made Netflix more favored than the others.


"What made Netlifx the right home for Cobra Kai is the fact that they have the largest subscriber base all over the world, and this is a show and a brand that is known all over the world. The Karate Kid is famous all over the world — in Europe, Asia and Australia. And even though it was available in some of those countries on YouTube, Netflix will be able to make it even more accessible to that audience." Cobra Kai's third season will premiere on Jan. 1, 2021.