The Internet Is Very Upset Over This Woman's Bizarre Sandwich Creation

The Internet is a place of many wonders, and one of those wonders arrived in the form of a tweet earlier this month when Twitter user Houda (@h_xxda) shared a rather unusual sandwich she had made, instantly creating a divide between those who were intrigued and disgusted by her culinary creation.

"Hi twitter so heres my amazing choc and cheese invention which I'm eating as I tweet," Houda wrote alongside a few photos of her meal.

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In the snaps, it's clear Houda took two pieces of bread, spread them with chocolate and added shredded cheese on top to make her sandwich, something Twitter had very strong opinions about.

Naturally, the reaction GIFs were on point.

Houda told Munchies via Twitter that her "love for chocolate and [her] love of cheese inspired this amazing combo," and encouraged haters to "just give it a go."


Photo Credit: Twitter / @h_xxda


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