Charles Manson Studied Scientology, Newly Uncovered Documents Allege

Newly uncovered documents allege that Charles Manson once studied Scientology while in prison.

An alleged internal Scientology memo addressed to Mary Sue Hubbard surfaced on Radar this week claiming that Manson was trained in Scientology before he ordered the infamous Manson Family Murders.

The memo, which was unearthed by archivist Jeff Lee, is said to have been seized as a part of an unrelated FBI investigation into the Church of Scientology.

It's believed that Manson underwent 150 hours of the Scientology process known as auditing from cellmate Lafayette Raimer, in addition to other Scientology studies. These sessions occurred while Manson was imprisoned at the federal penitentiary in McNeil Island, Washington, from 1961 to 1966.

Apparently the late cult leader was allegedly very receptive of the auditing sessions at first, but later became overwhelmed by the religion.

"Manson got super-energetic [and] flipped out when he'd been audited and would, for a time, talk about nothing but Scientology to the extent that people avoided his company," the report reads. "After a while, however, Manson was screaming to get away from his auditor... He eventually managed to get put in solitary confinement to get away from his auditor."

This report surfaces after a tumultuous year for the controversial religion, which has been the target of scathing TV documentaries and public outcry.


Manson died on Nov. 20 due to cardiac arrest brought on by metastatic colon cancer and respiratory failure.