Celebrities Tweet Updates as California Wildfires Bear down on Santa Barbara

As the California Wildfires begin to bear down on the city of Santa Barbara, many celebrities have taken to sharing updates, as well as filling in followers on their circumstances and thoughts on the tragedy.

Billy Baldwin, actor and younger brother to Alec Baldwin, tweeted out that he had been evacuating the Santa Barbara area while still preparing to start work on a new TV series.

In a separate tweet, Baldwin expressed support for the many "brave firefighters" who "have been battling back in the Los Padres National Forest for days." He added that the was fire "encroaching upon Carpenteria, Montecito & Santa Barbara," and pleaded with fans to "pray the winds die down."

Dan Harmon, creator of Community and co-creator of Rick and Morty, shared that he had been evacuated to a hotel in the area, and then shared a funny story that happened while he was eating in the hotel restaurant.

Rapper and Berkley, California native Lil B The BasedGod tweeted out support for all those affected by the fires and encouraged his followers to do the same, writing, "Can we take this time to send a silent blessing, after you read this close your eyes and meditate with true love and send [L.A.] county and the whole [of] California a prayer about wildfires..."


Finally, actor and comedian Denis Leary chimed in with support for the brave men and women firefighters who "run into danger" when the rest of us "run to safety," and encouraged his followers to do what they could to support those courageous individuals.