Broward Sheriff's Department Offers 'Safety Tips' and Twitter Chimes in Immediately

The Broward County Sheriff's Department issued a few safety tips on Twitter on Saturday, but followers were not impressed.

The department posted tips in the form of an infographic, where safety tips were formatted like notes written on scraps of paper or post-its. School supplies were scattered around the page, and at the top was the smiling portrait of Sheriff Scott Israel.

Israel and his department have been heavily criticized for their response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School back in February. Officers from neighboring police departments said that Broward County Deputies were standing by their cars when they arrived, refusing to confront the shooter or even enter the school.

In March, the Miami Herald reported that deputies were ordered to stand down and form a perimeter by Captain Jan Jordan, as Nikolas Cruz rampaged through the school with an assault rifle and murdered 17.

Many Twitter users remembered these reports well on Saturday when the department posted its safety tips. They condemned the office for handing out any safety tips, and Sheriff Israel in particular, for putting his face on the notice.

"The nerve of @browardsheriff to put his face on a school safety flyer," one person wrote. "Does he have no sense of shame?"

"Sheriff Isreal (sic) is offering advice on back to school items? He should be ashamed," chimed in another, adding the hashtag "fire Sheriff Israel."

"Feel safe, kids! Sheriff Scott Israel has got your backs!" wrote a third person, sarcastically.

As election season approaches, many survivors of the shooting are focused on changing the leadership in Broward County as well -- particularly in the school board. Many of the organizers of March For Our Lives and similar events have endorsed Ryan Petty, father of one of the shooting victims, in his bid for the school board.

"I became a candidate for Broward County School Board to ensure my daughter and the 16 others on 2/14/18 would not die in vain," Petty wrote this week. "It has deeply impacted the community. These threats can never be allowed to fester again."


"The @browardschools lawsuit against @SunSentinel should send a chill down our collective spines," he went on. "We must have a free press to ensure a government that is accountable to the people. The district's action is an outrage."

"The Broward County School District, this school board and administration have a long established pattern of unaccountable behavior and a lack of transparency. That is nothing new," he concluded.