Barack Obama Caught Following Adult Film Star on Twitter, Raising Eyebrows

Social media users got a surprise Friday night amid the ongoing quarantine and social distancing due to the coronavirus. While most sports and forms of entertainment are suspended due to efforts to contain the illness, some have taken to Twitter and other online areas to keep themselves occupied.

That's how a few users allegedly found out that President Barack Obama is a follower of adult film performer Sara Jay. A Twitter user looked at the adult actresses profile, no explanation for why, and noticed that Obama was one of the accounts they both shared. From there, the information was shared and soon it was a trending topic.

"Bruh, [Barack Obama]is a freak," the user wrote. "I bet he has [Sara Jay]
all up in his DMs. Sara Jay gots to be crazy for playing with [Michelle Obama]."

The direct replies to the post weren't so kind, calling the user a "snitch" and questioning what the problem is with the former president enjoying adult entertainment.

Jay definitely noticed she was trending, posting a few tweets referencing the president and using the attention to her advantage.

"I'm apparently trending," Jay wrote in one tweet promoting her online cam show, following it with several tweets indicating why the president might be following her. "It's because I'm flexible duh. Or maybe it's because I produce, direct, write, and manage adult talent for my production company."

Jay later closed out the moment by telling people they were "late as f–" and that she was "shutting my phone off."

None of this stopped people from sharing memes and making jokes about the scenario Obama may have been living through at the moment.

"Knowing that Obama f–s to Sara Jay is something I never wanted to know. We are only three months into this decade," one person wrote in disbelief.

"The rona got Sara Jay trending, y'all really wanna die like this?" another added, blaming the coronavirus for the discovery.

"No sports for 2 days and now Sara Jay is trending," a third noted, highlighting just how much has been affected by the illness.


Of course, some users thought the obvious about the adult film star once her name was trending.

"[Thought] sara jay died for a minute. not saying i know who that is though," one user noted. Obama isn't talking either.