At Least 3 Dead, Dozen Injured After Shooting in Charlotte

Tragedy struck Charlotte, North Carolina, over the weekend. According to CBS News, a shooting took place early Monday at a block party in the city. The publication reported that this incident left at least three individuals dead and a dozen others injured.

CBS News reported that the incident took place at around 12:30 a.m. local time on Monday, as CBS affiliate WBTV noted. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police described that the block party was an "unorganized" Juneteenth celebration. Authorities were reportedly called to the scene after they received reports that a pedestrian was hit. However, when they arrived at the location, there were hundreds of people in the area. They reported that they then heard shots ring out, which caused those at the scene to flee. CBS News went on to state that five people who were trying to leave the scene were hit by vehicles, and one of those individuals is believed to be one of the gunshot victims who died.

The incident left several victims with life-threatening wounds or injuries. Police subsequently released a statement about the incident, which read, "Preliminary information gathered during the investigation indicates that several shooters discharged dozens of shots into the crowd who had been gathered in the area." They identified the three deceased victims as Kelly Miller, 29; Christopher Antonio Gleaton, 28; and Jamaa Keon Cassell, 39. As of right now, there are no subjects in custody in connection with the shooting.

Following this tragedy, citizens in the Charlotte area and beyond took part in a "silent march" in honor of the victims, per WBTV. According to Mario Black, one of the organizers of the event, this silent march was formed to let individuals pause and reflect as well as to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during this shooting. Black, who works with Million Youth March, said before the march began, "We're not chanting today. Just a moment of silence: the whole way down, the whole way back out of respect of the Beatties Ford corridor, and out of respect of these families that are enduring the loss and those that were injured last night." WBTV reported that the march began at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and ended where the scene of the shooting took place. When marchers got to the area, they reportedly honored the victims by either laying down flowers, saying prayers, or calling out the deceased individuals' names.