'American Idol' Contestant Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Ex

American Idol contestant Cecil Ray Baker — who was recently eliminated from the show last week — was arrested after he allegedly stormed through his ex-girlfriend, Mariah Lopez's, home and struck her across the face while pushing her to the floor. According to TMZ, police in Texas said that Baker was trying to gain entry to the home to see who he believes is his child. Once he got inside, he then struck her across the face.

According to the outlet, the affidavit claims that his ex-girlfriend would not let him inside her home. So in an attempt to get in anyway, he went to a back door that was locked and managed to rip it open. She told police that he then pushed her to the ground and "struck her in the face with a palm heel" just before he left the house. The singer's sister then told police a similar story to what his ex shared with law enforcement.

After a Rockdale Police Department officer says he got a call to the house, officers made an attempt to track Baker down. Learning that he fled to a nearby town, he was arrested a few days later on April 17 and booked for burglary of habitation, and a second-degree felony in Texas. Baker was then released the same day on a $15,000 bond. Since news broke, Lopez has gone public showing the bruises she claimed to have received from him according to Us Weekly.

cecil mug shot
(Photo: Rockdale Police Department, Getty)

"I've had enough. This is why victims never come forward bc y'all try so hard to tear them down," she captioned her TikTok according to the outlet, while also sharing a string of texts that detailed her witness' claims that he was violent towards her as well in the past. "I know your family has seen your behavior and honestly it is disgusting that they are OK with it and trying to deny it," she shared. Along with photos of the alleged abuse, she captioned with, "There were times where it was hard to leave," and added, "You would keep reeling me back in."

Lopez then ended with, "The truth will eventually come out [...] but in all honesty, I just hope that you decide to do better. I hope one day that you can change and hold yourself accountable. I hope one day you can change and flourish into the person that you need to be." She finished with, "My daughter and I are happy, safe and healthy."