Amazon Prime Scam Targets Users Through Email

A new phishing scam is reportedly targeting Amazon Prime members through a very professional-looking email.

Consumer technology expert, Kim Komando of, also known as "America's Digital Goddess," first reported the news stating that victims would receive an email thanking them for their recent purchase on Amazon Prime Day and inviting them to write a review in exchange for a $50 "bonus."

Komando received the email herself and explained to readers that when consumers click the link, it will take them to a spoof Amazon site that requests their login credentials. She goes on to share that consumers should not click on the provided links as they can lead to a malware infection on your PC or ransomware that encrypts sensitive files on your devices.

Amazon's customer support advises users to avoid suspicious emails or webpages that claim to contain information like, order confirmations though you did not purchase something, requests for your username or password, requests to update payment information, links to websites that look like Amazon or any emails that include attachments with requests to install software on your computer.

Moreover, forged emails made to look like they're coming from Amazon should be cautioned as the "from" line should always be from and nothing else.


If you are an Amazon Prime member and have received this email, do not click on it and immediately check out your payment information on the official website. Additionally, notify Amazon straightaway by contacting with information about the email you received.

Photo credit: iStock