6 Surprising Foods Taylor Swift Can't Get Enough Of

These days, country-music-singer-turned-pop-star Taylor Swift is all over your Instagram news feed and magazine headlines.

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The 26-year-old seems so pulled together all of the time that it's enough to make you wonder if she's even human. Does she overdo it on nachos and feel bloated and muffin toppy, like the rest of us? Are there days when she's like, "Yeah, before I go shake it off in front of thousands of screaming fans, we need to drop everything and try the new Quesalupa at Taco Bell?" Inquiring minds need to know.

Here are some of her snack obsessions and favorite foods, based on some obsessive reading-bordering-on-stalking:

Her go-to breakfast isn't so basic. While many of us start our days with a bowl of cereal, Swift puts a little more effort to her mornings, making buckwheat pancakes topped with ham, parm and a fried egg, she tells Bon Appetit. She also downs a glass of OJ every day.

When Swift does have cereal, she does so with swagger, eating a bowlful alongside a Moonman and a famous friend (ahem, actress/singer/"Bad Blood" co-star Hailee Steinfeld).


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She's down with the Barefoot Contessa. Swift's a serious Ina Garten fan and calls Garten's mustard-roasted fish one of her favorite recipes. (It's an ideal weeknight dinner; you can make it in 25 minutes, according to the recipe.) She's also made the Barefoot Contessa's flag cake for the past two years in a row on the Fourth of July, so clearly, that recipe's a winner too.


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She can bake like no one's business. Even if you casually Insta-stalk Swift, you'll notice pretty quickly the woman does a lot of baking (at least when she isn't on tour). Photos of some of her baked goods have been so popular she's shared the recipes for them on her Tumblr, like these chai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing.


To see what kind of casseroles and Starbucks drinks Swift is into, click here for the original article from delish.


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