5 Teens Charged in Killing of Nashville Rock Singer Kyle Yorlets

Nashville, Tennessee's Metro Police Department has announced that five teens have been charged in the killing of local rock singer Kyle Yorlets.

According to Buzzfeed, Yorlets was approached by the group outside of his home and mugged. They took his wallet and demanded he give them the keys to his car.

He refused, and police say this is when he was shot. He was able to get inside his home, which is where one of his roommates discovered him. Yorlets was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for emergency treatment, but was later pronounced dead.

Yorlets was a graduate of Belmont University, and the lead singer of Nashville rock band Carverton.

Following his tragic death, the band released a statement on their Facebook page.

"On February 7, 2019 we lost our brother, best friend, and bandmate Kyle Yorlets. We are in a state of shock and are having to grasp the reality that is now in front of us. We are heartbroken," the band's statement read.

"Our condolences for his family and loved ones and all the lives that he touched. We will never forget Kyle, and though he is gone too soon his legacy is here to stay," the statement added. "We thank you for your support and will talk to you soon."

Many of Yorlets friends and fans have taken to social media to express their sorrow over his loss, wit hone fan commenting on a picture of the singer, "Just listened to your guys music here in our radio station. We're incredibly heartbroken to hear of such talent being taken away the way it did. Best of wishes to everyone."


"Sweet baby angel, you are with God now. You were too precious for this stupid world. I will miss you forever and ever, [Kyle Yorlets]," someone else commented. "I am absolutely broken. Life sucks. It really f—ing sucks."

At this time, it does not appear that funeral or memorial arrangements for Yorlets have been announced.