Why Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit Just Fizzled Out

The lawsuit over the Netflix docuseries Filthy Rich detailing Jeffrey Epstein's accusers' accounts of sex abuse and trafficking at the hands of the now-deceased wealthy financier is no longer. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Alan Dershowitz dismissed his defamation lawsuit. The streaming giant and Filthy Rich's series producer Leroy & Morton Productions dismissed their counterclaims against the Harvard Law professor accusing him of trying to cease their free speech rights. The hearings were taking place in Florida, one of the central states highlighted in the series where Epstein reportedly carried out many of the alleged crimes.

All of this comes amid Dershowitz's health issues. Dershowitz and his lawyers did not immediately respond to the publication's requests for comment but the case was on pause for several weeks as his health concerns were being addressed. The series first premiered in May 2020. 

Dershowitz became upset over his portrayal in the series. He denied having participated in Epstein's trafficking of minors and raping Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre has been one of Epstein's most vocal accusers, speaking publicly about Epstein and his alleged handlers, as well as other wealthy men she says she was forced to participate in sexual acts with. Dershowitz also defended Epstein's 2008 plea bargain with the Justice Department. The plea allowed Epstein to avoid federal prosecution at the time.

Dershowitz has represented notable defendants aside from Epstein in other criminal cases. He accused Netflix of changing the narrative and "failing to present evidence that he said exonerated him." The 83-year-old is currently recovering at a New York hospital following surgery to treat "multiple serious health emergencies." Under doctors' orders, he's unable to travel certain distances to ensure that he does not compromise his health.

Epstein reportedly died by suicide while in prison in 2019. He was awaiting trial for the crimes he was accused of committing. His longtime girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was sought after following Epstein's death after several of his accusers named her as a co-conspirator. She was found guilty in 2021 of child sex trafficking and other crimes.