'Wheel of Fortune' Makes Surprise Netflix Return

Wheel of Fortune fans had to do without the show being on Netflix after its sudden departure in August. However, at some point, it seems the streaming service reversed its decision to let the show go. The show has suddenly reappeared on the service. There's a similar amount of episodes available from the show's most recent seasons, which feature host Pat Sajak and letter-turner Vanna White.

There are selections from three Wheel of Fortune seasons. Season 35 has six episodes, Season 36 has 13 episodes, and Season 37 has 6 episodes. While that's not much of the show's thousands of episodes, hopefully, it will be enough to satisfy fans. If you're just looking for a casual extra episode of the game show between syndicated airings, it'll do.

When the show exited in August, it featured three episodes of Season 34, six episodes of Season 35, four episodes of Season 36 and 12 episodes of Season 37. Netflix also lost Jeopardy! around the same time, but that series has not returned yet. No word on when if ever it will.

While Jeopardy! has been faced with turmoil, Wheel of Fortune is steady as ever. Sajak and White just signed on to remain the faces of the broadcast through 2024. Additionally, Sajak is now also a consulting producer on the program. While the show recently made some changes to the set, the gameplay is still as solid as ever. However, there is one little tweak going forward. Sajak won't handle the "Final Spin" in each game anymore; that honor will go to the contestant in control of the Wheel at the time.

"If you think about it, by doing the 'final spin' I, as host, had an impact on the outcome of the game and that has always bothered me because it just didn't feel right," Sajak said in a release. "With this change, only the contestants determine the outcome of the game and the host does not impose themself in any way." Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays on broadcast channels across the U.S.; check your local listings for time.