'The Orville' Star Speaks out on Their Character's Death

The Orville: New Horizons featured a tragic death in its penultimate episode, and now the star whose character died has spoken out. In The Orville Season 3, Episode 9 — titled "Domino" — the crew is attempting to stop the use of a weapon that could cause mass damage. In order to make certain that the device will be destroyed, however, one person has to stay behind and detonate it. [Please Note: The Orville Spoilers Below.]

It was Ensign Charly Burke, played by series newcomer Anne Winters, who sacrificed her life to save the Kaylon. Speaking to TV Line, Winters revealed that she did know Charly's fate when she took the role, and that it was actually a huge part of why she took it in the first place. "Yes. Yes. I'm not going to lie, that's actually a big reason why I liked it. At the time, pre-COVID, I liked dying on shows because it gives me an opportunity to do something new and different, have a really great storyline, and then be available for the next thing to come and keep doing different things," she said. "But this pending death, with COVID [production delays] and everything, was a long time coming for me! [Laughs] Who knew that this one season of a show would take as long as maybe two seasons of a show?"

Ensign Burke was a brand new member of The Orville crew who was passionate, and often indignant. PopCulture.com had a chance to speak with Winters ahead of the series premiere in June, and she dished on what fans could expect. "The arc of her character may make some changes, which I'm curious to see what the audience takes away from that," she said. "But she definitely comes in with a point of view after the Kaylon battle where you left off in Season 2."

"Clearly, because what the Kaylon did at the end of that would make someone's mind go very narrow-minded towards them." The actress continued, "I think I'm excited to show Charly's arc in this season. It really was fun to play, and coming onto this show as such a strong character was challenging but really rewarding, and seeing it all come together is great. I'm excited." All three seasons of The Orville, including all 10 episodes of Season 3, are currently available to stream on Hulu. Additionally, all episodes will be available to stream on Disney+ beginning on Aug. 10.