'The Hollow' Seemingly Canceled at Netflix After 2 Seasons

The Hollow, a Canadian animated science fiction series, will not get a third season. The show's social media pages shared a message on Monday, hinting that the show is finished. Connor Parnall, who voiced Kai, also shared the news with The Hollow's devoted fan base.

"We've had an amazing time making this show. Thank you fans for all your passion and support," reads a statement shared on The Hollow Instagram and Twitter pages. It was accompanied by a video featuring an Alfred Tennyson quote reading, "Let us sear and oath, and keep it an equal mid; In the hollow Lotos land to live and lie reclined On the hills like Gods together, careless of mankind." The message "Game Over" then appeared, followed by a thank you message for fans.

Parnall spotted the tweet and shared it with his fans. "Well everyone, it's been an amazing ride and I can't thank you all enough for the love and laughs along the way," he wrote. In a follow-up message, Parnall said he did not even know The Hollow was canceled until he saw the tweet. "I promise I wasn't trying to get anyone's hopes up," he joked.

The Hollow debuted in June 2018, with the second season following in May, and ran 20 episodes. The series followed three teenagers who try to find their way home after waking up in a strange magical world. It was created by Vito Viscomi, Greg Sullivan, Kathy Antonsen Rocchino, and Josh Mepham. The voice cast includes Parnall, Ashleigh Ball, Adrian Petriw, Diana Kaarina, Alex Barima, Jesse Moss, Kazumi Evans, Sam Vincent and Kashima Wilsher.


This decision was not the only cancellation from Netflix on Monday. The streaming giant also canceled the live-action, multi-camera sitcoms The Big Show Show and Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love. Both shows only ran one season. Netflix produced Christmas specials for both shows before the coronavirus pandemic shutdown in Hollywood, and it will release them in December. Ashley Garcia, which was co-created by Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez, featured 14 episodes. The Big Show Show, starring WWE wrestler Big Show as a fictionalized version of himself, ran just eight episodes.