'The Big Show Show': Allison Munn Compares Cassy to Her Characters From 'That 70s Show,' 'Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn' and Others (Exclusive)

Allison Munn plays Cassy on Netflix's The Big Show Show, and she says the character is unique from anyone she has played before. Munn talked about the role in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, comparing it to other roles she is known for — from Caroline on That '70s Show to Anne Harper on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

The Big Show Show premieres on April 6, and fans are dying to know more about what's coming. Munn is eager to share it with them, telling us about this unique evolution of the multicam sitcom with a wrestling twist. She plays Cassy, the fictional wife of WWE star The Big Show — whose real name is Paul Wight. While Munn is a TV veteran, she said that the role of Cassy takes her into new territory.

"Well, when we first meet Cassy in the pilot, she's going through a big life change because she has been married to The Big Show for many years and he's been away almost all that time," she explained. "So in the meantime, while Big Show's been gone, she has raised their two kids — they have two kids together — and there's one daughter from a prior marriage that comes to live with us in the pilot because he's now retired."

In some ways, this gender breakdown is the opposite of Munn's character Anne from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, who had three sons and a daughter. Munn added that both characters were perfectly written for the kids they were parenting.

"You know, Ann was perfectly suited to raise all those kids. It was three boys, but she did have her girl — she had her Dawn," she said. "She helped run a sporting goods store, so I feel like that was great to have a whole bunch of boys. They had sporting equipment everywhere, I think she was a great mom for boys."

"But she still was able to buy the cute clothes for Dawn, 'cause that's all we really we want to do," Munn added with a laugh.

As for some of her other characters, Munn said that she would love to revisit them. She imagined that Caroline of That '70's Show would be more enamored with Fez than ever — "Oh yeah, I think Caroline would have doubled down on her affection and her love her him. That's what I think, I think the love never dies. Caroline is a very passionate, passionate woman."

Munn is more than willing to do a reboot there, or on What I like About You, or any show she has been on, for that matter, she said.


"I am always interested. I would always love to go back. I've had such great experiences with, honestly, all of my jobs. The idea of putting us all back in the same room together again, if we can get the crew back, yes it's a dream," she said. "Honestly. Any job at spin on that would be a dream."

In the meantime, fans can get to know Munn in a brand new role next month on The Big Show Show. The Netflix original series premieres on Monday, April 6.