'Ted Lasso' Star Cristo Fernández Gives Encouraging Update on Season 3 (Exclusive)

One of the more anticipated television shows of 2022 is Season 3 of Ted Lasso. After two strong seasons, fans of the Apple TV+ series are ready to see what happens with the title character (Jason Sudeikis) and his AFC Richmond squad. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Cristo Fernández, who plays Dani Rojas on Ted Lasso, gave an update on production and shared his experience on set. 

"We're very excited to be back on set and, thankfully, these times are different than last year, as in COVID-wise," Fernández exclusively told PopCulture. "Last year we were shooting in the middle of lockdown, but at least now the city has reopened. I'm just really amazed of how talented the writers are in the show. The scripts are so good. We've been shooting for the last two months, things are going well, and I'm hopeful. Hopefully, the fans will love our Season 3, which, hopefully, will be at the end of the year as well, out. I'm really grateful with the show, very happy to be back with the cast and crew, so it's been really nice."

The end of Season 2 saw some big changes for a few characters, specifically Nate (Nick Mohammed) who is no longer an assistant coach for AFC Richmond after blowing up at Ted for not giving him enough attention. Nate is now on the coaching staff of Wast Ham United. Also, Keely (Juno Temple) is leaving the team to start her own PR firm and AFC Richmond earned a promotion after being demoted at the start of the season.

But what can fans expect from Dani in Season 3? Well, for sure, many more funny moments, I think, many funny jokes," Fernández said. "We've been shooting lots of jokes my character will have, so... And I'm really happy and excited there's going to be lots of football this season, so for all the football fans out there, lots of football and also, I mean, there's really important key moments, which all of our characters, so I think this season three, it's going to have a really good... So, hopefully, people will like it." Seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso are currently available on Apple TV+.