Priscilla Presley Offers Major Updates on Netflix's Elvis Show

Priscilla Presley assured fans last week that the animated Netflix series Agent King is still in the works and will be released sometime next year. The adult comedy, produced by Sony Pictures Animation, will answer that often-asked question, "What if Elvis Presley was a spy?" The series was announced back in August 2019 and little was heard about it until Presley spoke about it during Elvis Week at Graceland in August.

"We are still working on Agent King diligently. It should be released in 2022," Presley shared on her Instagram page on Oct. 19. She included the key art for the show, which is the only piece of artwork released so far.

Presley is credited as creator of the show, alongside John Eddie. Sony Pictures Television is producing with Authentic Brands Group and Sony Pictures Animation. King Agent will tell the story of a fictional Elvis who "trades in his white jumpsuit for a jet back" when he is asked to join a secret government spy program to stop evil forces, but he still keeps his day job as the King of Rock and Roll, according to the show's logline. Mike Arnold (Archer) was hired as showrunner, writer and co-executive producer. Presley and Eddie are executive producers with Jerry Schilling as consultant and Fletcher Moules as supervising director. John Varvatos is designing custom costumes for the animated Elvis.

It seemed like the project was fated to be announced and then forgotten about until Presley was asked about it during her appearance at Elvis Week in August at Graceland. She said she has kept a close watch on the production. Although it is an animated series targeted for adults, Presley said she has had to reel the writers in a bit.

"It's an adult animation. Sometimes a script comes in and I say, 'Elvis would never say that,'" she explained, reports the Commercial-Appeal. "It's those little things... I have to give slack on some areas and be really protective on others. I'm constantly having them do redo things." That said, the show is partly inspired by truth. "It's giving him what he always wanted: to be a secret agent," Presley explained.

Agent King isn't the only big Elvis project coming in 2022. In June, Warner Bros. will release Elvis, a biopic starring Austin Butler (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as Elvis and Tom Hanks as his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film was shot in director Baz Luhrmann's native Australia. Presley said she hasn't read the script yet, but she has confidence in the Molin Rouge! filmmaker. "I don't know what he's planning on doing...He does come out with great films. I just don't know what direction he's going to take it in," she said in August.