'Planet Earth II' Available Now on Netflix

For those looking for some family-friendly TV to watch over the holidays, you don't have to stick to Christmas specials or sitcom re-runs — because Planet Earth II is finally available to stream on Netflix.

The highly-anticipated sequel of sorts to its critically-acclaimed predecessor shot a decade previously, the six-part documentary series showcases advances in technology over those 10 years that allows for an even higher level of wonder for the planet and its inhabitants.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough and backed by a score composed by Hans Zimmer, BBC Earth brought together its most talented filmmakers from across the industry. Four years of filming and cutting-edge technologies that weren't available during the making of Planet Earth ensure an action-packed docuseries (including a thrilling lizard and snake chase that rivals the intensity of The Last Jedi).

Planet Earth II focuses on some of the most remote, dangerous and straight-up odd environments where animals have made their homes. From the sub-Antarctic island of Zavodovski, a place so remote it took the docu-series' crew several days to access by helicopter, to the peregrine falcons that hunt among New York City's skyscrapers, the six-part docuseries proves that life will find a way to thrive no matter how dire the conditions.

Unfortunately for special feature junkies, the episodes streaming on Netflix do not include the eye-opening behind-the-scenes segments seen in Planet Earth II's original 2016 broadcast and hard copy versions.


Photo credit: BBC Earth