Parents Are Furious That Netflix Removed Disney's 'Moana' From the Streaming Platform

Some parents aren't too happy with Netflix after the streaming giant parted ways with Disney's Moana.

After making its debut on the streaming platform in June of 2017, the highly-successful Disney animated film about an adventurous teenager who embarks on a daring mission to save her island was removed from Netflix as the clock neared midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 19. By the time subscribers went to view it on the morning of Dec. 20, it was gone.

The abrupt absence of the film quickly became a sore spot for many parents, who claimed that the Disney film was a favorite among their children and that the removal of Moana just days before Christmas could only be summed up to cruelty.

"Hey @netflix you didn't ask my kids for permission to pull Moana off," one disappointed mom wrote on Twitter. "Now what are they going watch repeatedly through out the holiday break!"

"What kind of evildoer at @netflix removes #Moana at Christmastime? How will I get any cooking/wrapping/cleaning done this weekend? Parents across America cried last night," another parent claimed, dubbing Netflix a real-life version of Scrooge in the added hashtags.

But parents with little one's are not the only ones upset by Moana's absence from the streaming giant's library. The film, released in 2016, was a favorite among children and adults alike, and some children-at-heart are taking issue with the fact that their favorite animated film is no longer so easily available.

"So they took trolls and Moana off of Netflix....I'm cancelling my subscription," one Netfix subscriber threatened.

"Moana is no longer on @netflix and i don't know what to do with my life now," another wrote.

"What kind of monster would take Moana off of Netflix," one Twitter user lamented.

The removal of Moana, however, was likely out of Netflix's hands. With Disney soon launching its own streaming service, Disney+, the company is ending their deal with Netflix in 2019. That means that more Disney films owned by the Walt Disney Company will slowly begin to disappear from the streaming giant as the months pass.


Moana also had more than just the new Disney streaming service working against it, as Disney films typically only remain on Netflix for about 18 months.

All hope is not lost though, and parents can still satiate their childrens' craving for Moana, though it will come at a price. Currently, the Disney favorite is available for streaming on Amazon Prime for $3.99. The movie can also be purchased through Amazon in both Blu-Ray and DVD form.