One of Netflix's Big Animated Comedies Is Back With New Episodes

New episodes of the Netflix original series Paradise PD premiered on Friday, and fans are [...]

New episodes of the Netflix original series Paradise PD premiered on Friday, and fans are delighted. The animated comedy first premiered in 2018, and was renewed for a prolonged second season that fall. The 12 brand-new episodes that just premiered are still considered a part of that season.

Paradise PD is an absurdist comedy about a small-town police department in a crime-riddled area. It stars Dana Snyder, Cedric Yarbrough, David Herman, Tom Kenny, Sarah Chalke, and Kyle Kinane as police officers and citizens in the town of Paradise, where issues of drug abuse, larceny and sexual violence are always a threat. The show was created by writers Waco O'Guin and Roger Black, who also created Brickleberry for Comedy Central. Many fans followed them to Netflix for Paradise PD and never looked back.

Paradise PD first premiered in August of 2018, and was renewed in October of that year. Season 1 had just 10 episodes, and fans waited a long time for Season 2 to premiere in March of 2020. Even then, they only got 8 more episodes, but according to Animation Magazine, the latest installment is still technically a part of that Season 2 renewal.

Rather than ordering a new season, Netflix allowed the creators to add twelve more episodes to Season 2, though on social media the new installment is still being referred to as Season 3. As with so many of its other original series, Netflix refers to these unevenly split batches as "parts," so the [twelve] new episodes are called "Part 3."

That is a lot of new material for fans to enjoy, and it does not shy away from controversy. Like before, Paradise PD is full of crass sexual humor and depictions of callous violence, now with the added awareness that its very premise is somewhat troubling in the wake of nationwide protests for police accountability last summer. In Part 3, Episode 2, "Top Cops," the show takes on this issue with no hesitation.

Naturally, Paradise PD is not for everyone. The show has a 57 percent rating among audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, and has not even been reviewed by professional critics enough to generate an average score there. However, those that like Paradise PD tend to love it, and a dedicated fan base is especially important in the era of the streaming wars. Paradise PD Part 3 is streaming now on Netflix. There is no word yet on whether more episodes will follow.