Netflix Mocked for Glaring Errors in 'The Night Agent' and 'Murder Mystery 2'

Two of Netflix's most popular recent productions have been called out for a glaring costuming error, but there may be more examples if fans continue to look elsewhere. TikTok user Brandon Wake made a video pointing out that in both Murder Mystery 2 and The Night Agent, injured characters have heavy bandaging applied over their clothing. Wake's observation has picked up steam over the last couple of weeks and many commenters are wondering why Hollywood thinks it can get away with this.

Wake showed two examples of movies and TV shows putting bandages over a character's clothing rather than directly on their skin – and they came from two of Netflix's biggest recent hits. In Murder Mystery 2, Adam Sandler's character was shot in the shoulder and, for some reason, medics taped the bandage over his shirt rather than underneath it. Another piece of gauze was even wrapped around his arm over the sleeve, which was rolled all the way down. Meanwhile, a character in The Night Agent was shot in the calf and Wake showed a scene where she sat in the back of an ambulance. A trained professional medic had wrapped thick bandaging all around her calf over her jeans, providing little compression or absorption.

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"It's sort of like the empty coffee cup where it's so wrong, but it's just... everywhere!" Wake said, referencing another classic on-camera blunder. "The bandage needs to go over the wound! Like, why are we doing this over the clothes?!"

Of course, the likely reason is obvious – the bandaging is a visual shorthand so that the viewer knows the character is hurt and has been patched up. If the bandages were under the clothing, they wouldn't be visible. Still, commenters came up with plenty of more realistic ways to do this without breaking the immersion. Most importantly, many thought that costume departments should plan ahead of time so that characters who would be shot would have on short sleeves or shorts instead of pants.

"Murder Mystery is a spoof of the genre so the bandage thing was probably deliberate," one fan argued. Another added: "It's for a visual effect, if you don't see it it didn't happen." Some also pointed out other common errors, such as: "My TV pet peeve is when they are texting someone and there's no other texts, but you know damn well they text each other all the time."

Commenters also agreed with Wake that this issue fell into the category of tropes described as "once you see it, you can't unsee it." One person wrote: "I've never noticed before, now I can't see these mistakes lol."