'Lucifer' Reaches Huge Milestone as Season 6 Drops

Lucifer's time is done, but on its way out, it racked up some impressive streaming numbers. After Season 5B was a massive hit for Netflix, Season 6 also did remarkably well, according to Nielsen data. After coming in second place behind Clickbait right when Season 6 dropped, the number picked up over the next week. Between Sept. 13 and 19, Netflix users watched 1.588 billion minutes of Lucifer. That number was enough to make the DC Comics dramedy the No. 1 series in all of streaming. The total for the previous week (Sept. 6-12) was 1.05 billion minutes, but the season didn't even drop until Sept. 10, making that number even more impressive.

Most of the top 5 Nielsen titles were also Netflix-based. Clickbait was No. 2 with 732 million minutes streamed, Sex Education was No. 3 with 595 million minutes streamed and The Circle was No. 4 with 444 million minutes streamed. The fifth-place title was Hulu's Only Murders in the Building, which users streamed for 311 minutes.

It's worth noting that these minutes account for all episodes of the show being watched — not just the new ones. We can obviously assume that the new episodes are driving most of the viewers, but people watching older episodes do factor into this stat. Furthermore, there's no way of telling how many people actually watched all of the new episodes or just an episode or less. Regardless, a number as big as Lucifer's means the minds behind the show clearly hooked a giant swath of TV fans.


Lucifer Season 6 follows Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) as he prepares to ascend to God's throne after the events of Season 5. Fellow cast members, such as Lauren German and D.B. Woodside, return for the series last bow. All episodes of Lucifer, including Season 6, are currently available on Netflix. While it is the show's last installment, it goes out in great fashion. Read our full review of the season here.