'Girls5eva' Star Busy Philipps Teases Season 2 Details Amid Series' First Emmy Nomination (Exclusive)

Peacock's newest comedy, Girls5Eva about a '90s girl group reuniting after two decades to reignite their pop star magic, earned its first Emmy nomination last week for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. But while fans expected to see the streaming sitcom earn multiple nominations, especially for its cast and original music, actress Busy Philipps is humbled by the love and reception from audiences and critics for its debut season on the streaming platform, telling PopCulture.com it's a "great" moment for everyone.

"Meredith Scardino, who is the creator of our show and who's nominated for the Emmy, is just fantastic and such an incredible talent. We love the show so much and I'm also so proud of my dear co-star friend, Renee Elise Goldsberry for her nomination for Hamilton, and Paula Pell is also nominated for Best Comedic Performance in a short series, who's also on Girls5Eva. So, we're just all real talented," she teased during an exclusive interview with PopCulture.

With fans expressing their love for the series across social media, Philipps said she alongside the cast and crew are "thrilled" to go back for Season 2 and continue sharing the quartet's stories, especially after how the four handled Jingle Ball. "We really had such an incredible time filming the series," she said, summarizing the show as a "really heartfelt" and "silly" sitcom for those that haven't tuned in just yet.

"It's a really fun story about four women who were in a manufactured pop group, girl group in the '90s, who kind of come back together in their forties and sort of attempt maybe a comeback. And Sara Bareilles the incredibly talented Grammy, Tony-winning — I don't know if she has it, but she was nominated," she said, adding how Scardino wrote it with former Saturday Night Live alum and 30 Rock creator, Tina Fey. "It's just a real fun... All the music is from Jeff Richmond, who is also incredible. And Sara, obviously."

Adding how she doesn't know where Season 2 will head quite yet as "Meredith is just getting started in the writer's room and getting it all together," Philipps reveals they will start filming in a few months. "I am just very excited to see what's going to happen," she said, adding how Season 1 ending on "some cliffhangers" will continue into its sophomore release.

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