‘Game of Thrones’ Fan May Have Found a Huge Error in Season 1

The world of Westeros may seem like a medieval civilization, but one eagle-eyed Game of Thrones viewer spotted an extra who appeared a little more prepared for modern times.

Twitter user kevinbeiegel was doing a bingewatch of the HBO series' debut season in preparation of its upcoming eighth and final season when they came across a peculiar thing: a background character who looked like Marvel's Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes and was wearing something akin to a Patagonia jacket.

"Watching the Game Of Thrones first episode and there a guy in the background with a straight up Patagonia jacket, blue jeans and boots," the Twitter user wrote alongside a video that zoomed in on the character in question.

Several Twitter users were quick to jump on the speculation bandwagon, offering their own reasoning for the modern garb.

"He's Ser Levi of House Denim," one person proposed.

One person even suggested that the background character's sudden viral fame would lead to rising sales of Patagonia jackets, writing, "I'm wondering how much Google searches for 'patagonia jacket' will rise after this goes viral."

"Spoiler for the big time travel twist," another added.

Several more wondered if the odd character was Marvel's Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, as they bare an uncanny resemblance.

"I mean when 'Winter is Coming' The Winter Soldier Must be there! Bucky Barnes the infinite time traveler," one person wrote.

"That is Bucky Barnes. Now we know where the snap'd ended up," another added.

Offering a more likely reason for the out of place garments, one person suggested that it likely came down to nothing more than the fact that "HBO didn't have such a large budget" back in the early days of filming, when it was "simpler times."


Another suggested that it was simply more casual wear for those in medieval times, writing, "As I keep watching it, it looks like he's just in normal 'medieval clothes'. Pants look kinda like jeans but doesn't look too out of place."

Game of Thrones' six-episode eighth and final season premieres on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.