FX Shows 'A Teacher,' 'The Old Man' and 'Devs' Moving to Hulu

Several upcoming shows planned for FX are jumping over to Hulu in the ongoing reorganization of Disney's new assets. On Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger made some announcements about the future of FX. In general, Hulu will be the new streaming home for FX content, but the shows Devs, The Old Man, Mrs. America and A Teacher will become Hulu Originals altogether.

The big announcement for Hulu and FX included a few different moving parts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Old Man, Mrs. America and A Teacher will not premiere on FX's linear network as previously planned. Instead, they will be Hulu-exclusive content.

Meanwhile, other shows will stream there as well, in a new feature the company is calling "FX on Hulu." This will make Hulu the "streaming hub" for FX content, including over 40 new and current shows.

FX on Hulu is expected to launch in March of 2020. It will reportedly feature every season of many FX originals, going back 17 years in the network's history. It also represents a partnership between FX Productions and Hulu going forward, with FX producing original series for Hulu.

"We’re excited to become the official streaming home to the award-winning current and legacy series that FX has produced over nearly two decades, as well as brand-new original series that will be exclusive to Hulu subscribers — all available through 'FX on Hulu,'" said Hulu CEO Randy Freer on Thursday. "FX has solidified its position as a premium brand that consumers are passionate about, and we can’t wait to bring its valuable content offering to our customers, all in one place."

Devs will launch with FX on Hulu in March. At the same time, Breeders and Better Things will continue to air on FX, and Dave and Cake on FXX. Thanks to FX on Hulu, those shows will all be available to stream the following morning online. The feature will have its own special landing page on Hulu, cementing the partnership between the two brands.


"We’re thrilled to have Hulu as our streaming partner with the creation of FX on Hulu, which will be the best and most complete representation of the FX brand, finally putting us on equal footing with competitors like HBO," said FX CEO John Landgraf. "This will allow us to expand FX’s original programming lineup and to reach Hulu’s growing audience of young and highly engaged subscribers, whom we believe will love these shows. We are more committed than ever to quality over quantity, with our primary focus on excellence that can cut through the clutter at a time of unprecedented consumer choice. This is a game-changing opportunity for FX, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with Randy and his great Hulu team."

FX previously operated its own streaming service called FX+, which allowed fans to watch FX originals new and old without ads online. The move came shortly after Disney acquired Fox assets and Hulu, making the two services redundant. While some culture critics cringed at the consolidation of so many different services, customers breathed a sigh of relief as one more streaming bill left the table.