Disney+ Made Glaring Blunder With Missing Christmas Episode

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Disney+ is one of the best— if not the best — streaming services for holiday movies each December. The Disney-backed streaming service has such an iconic back catalog of classic Christmas movies, such as The Santa Clause and Home Alone. It has plenty of holiday specials and shorts starring Mickey Mouse and company. Plus, The Simpsons has some all-time great Christmas episodes. While putting on some random holiday specials this weekend, including Pepper Ann's "A Kosher Christmas" and Dinosaurs' "Refrigerator Day," we noticed that the streamer made a pretty glaring blunder when it came to securing the rights to and/or uploading one key holiday special. (Click here for Disney+ subscription info.)

The catalog hole in question comes in the form of a Bear and the Big Blue House episode that's missing. It sucks if any show is missing an episode. However, this instance is even more irritating. Disney+ features Season 2's 25th episode, "A Berry Bear Christmas – Part 1." It features the residents of said big blue house welcoming a homeless pup, Jack the Dog, into the family. However, the holiday story isn't completed until the next episode, "A Berry Bear Christmas – Part 2." Disney+ does not have that episode. Any kid, parent or nostalgic viewer tuning in will be confused when the holiday special doesn't continue.

There's no word on why the episode is MIA, but Disney Plus Informer notes it's just one of several Bear in the Big Blue House episode that Disney+ doesn't host. In total, nine installments of the beloved Jim Henson Television-backed Disney Channel show. There's no clear reason why the episode isn't on Disney+. Muppet fansite ToughPigs says there wasn't a "usable" version of the episode available to the streamer, but it's unclear if that's accurate. It surely sounds like a possibility, but there could also be some sort of licensing issue that pertains to content in the episode.

If you want to watch Disney+'s other holiday offerings or the first part of the Bear in the Big Blue House Christmas special, you can subscribe to Disney+ at this link.