'Designated Survivor' Fans Flip After Netflix Cancels It Again

After just three seasons, and only one on the streaming giant, Designated Survivor has been officially canceled by Netflix. The ABC-turned-Netflix political drama starring Kiefer Sutherland was canceled on Wednesday, marking its second cancellation. News that the series, like several other fan-favorites, had been given the ax by the streamer was not met well by fans, who flocked to social media to slam the decision, some even threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

"So they pick up Designated Survivor for another season after ABC canceled it, then proceed to cancel it after it's 1st season on Netflix?" one person wrote.

"[Netflix] once again terrible decision to cancel Designated Survivor. I'm done with you guys," one fan threatened.

"Son of a b–," another person responded to the news. "[Netflix] you save my family's favourite show & then you cancel it. F– you."

"Bummed to hear that [Designated Survivor] was cancelled by [Netflix]! One of the best shows created; great storytelling and characters," a third added. "I think it deserves a 4th season to wrap things up without a cliffhanger."

"Why save a show just to leave a new season on a cliffhanger again?" one person asked. "The social media push made it look like 3rd season was successful. Hell even Lucifer they picked up, did one season and giving it one more final season...so why not do the same here."

"[Netflix] is going to cancel Designated Survivor but can't cancel 13 Reasons Why," another wrote, referring to the extremely controversial teen-centered Netflix original.

Designated Survivor was canceled Wednesday alongside new series Tuca and Bertie, which had been praised by critics and fans alike. Speaking of the cancellation, Netflix praised Designated Survivor's single season on its service.

"We are proud to have offered fans a third season of Designated Survivor and will continue to carry all three seasons for years to come," Netflix said in a statement of the cancellation. "We're especially thankful to star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, who brought passion, dedication and an unforgettable performance as President Kirkman. We're also grateful to showrunner/executive producer Neal Bear for his guiding vision and steady hand, creator/executive producer David Guggenheim and EPs Mark Gordon, Suzan Bymel, Simon Kinberg, Aditya Sood and Peter Noah along with the cast and crew who crafted a compelling and satisfying final season."

Debuting on ABC in fall 2015, Designated Survivor was canceled by the alphabet network in May 2018. After a strong push from fans to save it, Netflix announced four months later that it had picked up the series for a third season, which debuted on June 7.


All seasons of Designated Survivor are currently available for streaming on Netflix.