'Cursed' Season 2: What We Know

Cursed premiered on Netflix in July of 2020, and since there has still not been an official Season [...]

Cursed premiered on Netflix in July of 2020, and since there has still not been an official Season 2 renewal announcement, fans are getting nervous. The fantasy series tells a version of the Arthurian legend with the Lady of the Lake, Nimue (Kathering Langford) at its center. For those still waiting on a resolution to the show's devastating cliffhanger, here is everything we know about its status.

Cursed is based on a 2019 illustrated novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, and it is not clear if there will be more books in the series. This does not bode well for the TV series, though it is not a death sentence either. So far, Netflix has not announced a renewal or a cancellation for Cursed, though the company sometimes lets Netflix original series drop away without a formal cancellation. At the same time, a production like Cursed is huge in scale, so renewal announcements sometimes come slowly.

There is also the factor of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to halt or slow TV and movie productions all over the world. It could be that Cursed is simply on hold until Netflix can resume work on the series with fewer obstacles in its path.

The issue with a long delay is the task of gathering all the cast and creative team together again. The longer those performers go without a renewal, the more they will need to hunt for other work, which could make them unavailable for Cursed Season 2 if Netflix ever decides to go through with it.

The best hope fans have for Cursed Season 2 comes from Langford herself. In an interview with Elle a few months after the series premiere, Langford sounded optimistic about a second season and encouraged fans to be as well.

"There is so much story left, and if we're able to reveal that, or if there is a desire to see what lies beyond the final episode of this season – I'm trying not to spoil anything, but I feel like this [season] is really just the tip of the iceberg," she said at the time.

There is also still the question of whether Miller and Wheeler will write more books in the Cursed series, as Wheeler has hinted on social media. If so, that would provide an incentive for Netflix to carry on the TV series, although, after the controversial ending of Game of Thrones, the studio might not want to carry an adaptation of an incomplete book series.

For now, fans will have to continue dangling from the Season 1 cliffhanger. Cursed is streaming now on Netflix.