'Creepshow' Season 3: Comedian King Bach Talks Collaborating With 'Awesome' Director Joe Lynch on Shudder Series (Exclusive)

Creepshow Season 3 features several big stars and filmmakers, including comedian Andrew "King Bach" Bachelor and director Joe Lynch. The pair collaborated on "Familiar," a creepy segment in the newest episode of the Shudder horror anthology series. Recently, Bachelor spoke exclusively with PopCulture.com about shooting the feature and praised Lynch as an "awesome" director.

"Oh, he's the best. He's got a sense of humor," Bachelor said. "Everything on set was fun to make sure he got the shot, make sure we took the time to get all the scenes right." The actor added that after he read the script for "Familiar," which was written by Josh Malerman (Bird Box novel), he "[one] hundred percent [wanted] to be on board." Many of Bachelor's fans will know him as the perfect comedic relief in all of his past film and TV roles, but in "Familiar," he gets an opportunity to show his range and be considerably more severe. "I didn't really look at doing the serious role so early in my career," he shared. "I kind of wanted to wait a bit, but... opportunity presented itself, so I had to dive in and do it."

In "Familiar," Bachelor plays Jack, a young lawyer who makes "a drunken visit to a psychic" named Boone (Keith Arthur Bolden), with his girlfriend fawn (Hannah Fierman), but is left with lingering discomfort. He begins to grow paranoid that a demonic spirit might be stalking him, but are his fears unfounded or very much a supernatural reality? Jackson reaches out to Boone for help with his apparition anxiety, but it's going to take a lot of ingenuity to trick the formidable force.

Neither Bachelor nor Lynch are newcomers to horror, as they have both worked in several popular fright-filled projects in the past. Bachelor is well-known for starring in Meet The Blacks — a parody of films like The Purge — and Netflix's horror-comedy The Babysitter, which he jokes is one of his favorite horror movies. Bachelor also appears in the sequel to both aforementioned films. As for Lynch, he previously directed Wrong Turn 2: Dead End and a segment in the 2001 horror anthology film Chillerama. However, he's much more well-known for his action fare, having helmed films like Mayhem, Everly, and Netflix's Point Blank.

Joining the Creepshow franchise was something that he enjoyed, but there's one other iconic series he'd love to join: Final Destination. His only stipulation: "I would have to survive to the end, though." He also offered an honorable mention to The Ring franchise and noted that he'd also love to do a film like Cabin in the Woods, which is another fan-favorite horror-comedy. 

Finally, Bachelor shared his take on the state of horror today and stated he feels fans just like what they like and that genre labels are often not a factor in a film's popularity. "I think the time we're living in now, it's like if a film is good, a film is good," he said. Bachelor eventually added, "People don't really care as long as they're watching a movie, whatever it means to them, that's what it means to them." Creepshow Season 3, Episode 2 — which also features a segment titled "Skeletons in the Closet" co-written and directed by Greg Nicotero — is now streaming on Shudder.