'Bosch' Season 7 Star Jamie Hector Reveals Series End 'Holds a Lot of Surprises' (Exclusive)

Bosch Season 7 has officially debuted on Amazon Prime Video and series star Jamie Hector says the [...]

Bosch Season 7 has officially debuted on Amazon Prime Video and series star Jamie Hector says the show's final outing "holds a lot of surprises." The new season is the end of the road for Bosch on Amazon, though IMDb TV has picked up its spinoff following the continued adventures of Titus Welliver's Detective Harry Bosch. Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com, Hector shared the hardest part of Bosch ending has nothing to do with his character, Detective Jerry Edgar, but rather in how he finds it "harder to say goodbye to the team."

Hector explained how the show's filming schedule gave the cast and crew a lot of time to bond. Because of that, "it's not just the character" he will miss, but those behind the scenes. "I'm going to miss the crew," he expressed while humbly sharing his admiration for everyone who brought the show to life. However, when it comes to Jerry, Hector confessed he's "just grateful" fans can always "tap back in" to past seasons of Bosch to relive his story arc.

Hector also offered some thoughts on what fans can expect from the show's final season, which is now streaming. "Season 7 holds a lot of surprises, a lot of twists and turns, and a lot of grappling with the dark side on so many levels," he said. "It's dynamic. It's going to be a show that people truly enjoy."

Hector shared that he loves how the team in Bosch "fight for a real cause" and don't "throw a fit" if the outcome of an investigation doesn't go their way. This is because they know they are "on the side of truth" and "right side of history." Hector adds how Season 7, along with every other season of Bosch, is something he is "really, really proud" to have been part of.

While his acting career and personal life pack his schedule full, Hector still makes time to do community outreach through his non-profit theater organization, Moving Mountains. "I was part of a theater organization growing up; it affected my life, changed my life, pushed me in a direction that I'm excited about today, which is creative arts," Hector shared. "And so that inspired me."

He explained the Moving Mountains not only helps expose young people to the arts, but it places focus on "character building" and nutrition, helping the youth learn how to properly care for themselves while also getting to explore their creative interests. Hector concluded by sharing that Moving Mountains hopes to open a theater one day and possibly partner with other celebrity philanthropists from New York, such as Jay-Z. "We want to make sure that it sticks around for quite a while," he said, "and benefits these communities."

Bosch is now streaming on Amazon. For more on the series and all your favorite shows, keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the latest.