'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Jokes About 'El Camino' Netflix Movie Announcement Leak

The announcement for the Breaking Bad sequel film on Netflix was meant to drop on Monday but quickly spread on Saturday after posts on Reddit, social media and a follow-up report by the New York Times.

Once the cat was out of the bag, Netflix confirmed the existence of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and a trailer was quickly dropped online. Fans quickly got excited and then waited patiently to hear the first rumbles from the cast, Vince Gilligan, and anybody else connected to it.

Aaron Paul was the first to oblige, joking about the leak and how he's kept it quiet for so long. He also made fun of his own mezcal launch and how it fooled fans a few months ago.

"Wait, I thought there was only Mezcal on the horizon? I’m so confused. Oh wait, got it. I understand now. It’s about patience," Paul wrote on Twitter. "I guess there is a movie happening after all? Didn’t realize I could talk about it. I guess I can. Thanks New York Times for blowing up this 'secret.'"

A fan quickly pointed out that his initial tweet sounded passive-aggressive, leaving Paul to post a quick response.

"Yeah no kidding my friend. I have literally been the only person on this planet to not talk about this damn thing and now here we are," Paul wrote. "Vince absolutely crushed this thing on the page and on film. Thrilled for the world to finally see this piece of cinema history."

The film will follow the trail of Jesse Pinkman after his escape from the Aryan Brotherhood compound at the end of the Breaking Bad finale. Walter White sacrificed his life to save Pinkman from his fate as a meth-cooking slave, allowing the chance to drive away into the night in a speeding El Camino.

The trailer shows his former friend and associate Skinny Pete talking to DEA agents about the whereabouts of Pinkman, something he is not willing to give up at any time. The pictures of Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez hang outside the room, showing that this isn't a world that just stopped with their deaths or the end of "Heisenberg."

Another confirmation we received is that Vince Gilligan wrote and directed this film, meaning we're getting a story directly from the lauded creator's own noggin. No half measures here.


Could we end up seeing a slight cameo from Saul Goodman in his future role as shared on Better Call Saul?Could this play into a Pinkman cameo or recurring role on the series as it begins its final run?

We shall see, Oct. 11 on Netflix.