House of Horrors: David Turpin and Wife Louise Sentenced to Life in Prison for Holding Children Captive

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House of Horrors: David Turpin and Wife Louise Sentenced to Life in Prison for Holding Children Captive

Netflix Testing $3 Mobile-Only Plan in Select Countries

Netflix is typically raising their prices over the years, usually drawing the ire of their user base and losing a few to cancellations in protest. But it would seem that the company's latest experiment is actually offering a lower price for its services.

The catch is the new low-cost plan is only appearing in select countries at the moment, but it does offer an affordable plan to those who only use the streamer on their mobile device.

According to The Verge, Netflix will test a mobile-only subscription plan in a few select places including India. The cost of the plan would only be $3.63 a month, half the cost of Netflix India's basic streaming plan that covers all devices and costs $7.27 a month.

"We are always looking for ways to make Netflix more enjoyable and accessible," Netflix said in a statement to The Verge. "We will be testing different options in select countries, where a member can, for example, watch Netflix on their mobile device for a lower price and subscribe for shorter increments of time."

The Verge singles out the last part of the statement as an indication that Netflix might soon offer weekly or biweekly subscriptions against their monthly plans.

There is no indication that this test will land as a larger addition to the service in the future.

"Not everyone will see these options," Netflix told Variety. "And we may never roll out these specific plans beyond the tests."

Netflix using India as a test market shouldn't be much of a surprise. Variety adds that a lot of users in India "increasingly consume streaming content" on their phones and mobile devices thanks to cheaper data plans and smartphones. The Verge also points out that Netflix expressed interest in expansion in the country. Netflix's product VP Todd Yellin's recent keynote in Mumbai defined the platform's expansion with interactive TV and original Indian content on the streamer. Yellin praised the success of Netflix's original Indian series Sacred Games as a good example.

The chances of this type of plan making it to the states could be slim, but it would seem that Netflix is taking their time with this idea. The streamer introduced a similar plan in Malaysia in November 2018, but wouldn't confirm the other countries receiving tests.


Other tests Netflix has rolled out in recent months haven't been as well received as this new pricing tier. The pop-up notification for "instant replay" on the platform showed up for a few people back in December, prompting some confusion that some called "distracting and obnoxious."

Netflix responded to requests noting that the test was more of a learning experience and "may or may not roll it out more broadly in the future."