WWE Superstar Confirms She Secretly Got Married

It looks like a big WWE Superstar secretly got married. In late November, boxer Ulysses Diaz sent a birthday message to his fiancée WWE Superstar Dana Brooke. And in the message that was posted on Instagram, Diaz wrote, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I AM BLESSED TO CALL MY WIFE!! [Dana Brooke] May God Bless you with MANY MORE years & May I be blessed enough to spend them with you. I LOVE YOU."

Brooke responded to Diaz's message by calling him her husband. "I love you so much !! When I say the best day of my life is when I met you," Brooke wrote. I MEAN IT!!!! You are everything to me .. my world! I'm the luckiest woman ever to have the sexiest most genuine husband in the WORLD!!!!"

It's not clear when Diaz and Brooke got married as nothing else is shared publicly. But Brooke did reveal she got engaged to Diaz in July 2021. And on Dec. 7, 2021, Brooke posted a photo of her and Diaz embracing as a celebration of their second anniversary of dating. 

"2 years ago, my life changed... Your immediate touch was all I needed & I knew the rest was history! YOU have made my world complete, you have taught me so much- to be selfless, to love, to trust, to expand my vision, to know that everything will be ok with you by my side!" Brooke wrote in the Instagram post. "I LOVE YOU LIKE YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND! Like we always say we need a stronger word than love! But if we are together.. anything in this world is possible! I love the way we laugh, I love us training together, I love us learning new things together, I love our new businesses together, I love cuddling in my spot together! I JUST LOVE US TOGETHER! We know what we have & I hope everyone finds their person like I have found mine! Happy 2 years .. and the best is yet to come."  

Brooke, 34, has been with WWE since 2013 after working as a bodybuilder, and fitness model. In her career, Brooke has won the now-retired WWE 24/7 Championship 15 times, which is the second most all-time behind R-Truth who won the title 53 times.