WWE Star Lana Breaks Silence on Release in Classy Fashion

Lana was one of the few WWE Superstars who were released this week. After the announcement, the 36-year-old pro wrestler, actress and dancer went to Twitter to react to no longer being with WWE. Lana thanked the fans for supporting her throughout the years no matter what her character was while on TV.

"I will never forget the fans, and the love they showed me," Lana wrote. "Whether it was a tank, power-suits, flags, CRUSH, Rusev, 900 partners, weddings or tables: I tried to always entertain you, and you definitely elevated me. Thank you." There were a ton of fans who showed their support for Lana.

"THANK YOU LANA," one fan wrote. "It's sad to see you go and sad to see Naomi without you, RavashingGlow was an iconic tag team. We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors, I'm still here with you and will love to see where / what you do next. Love you forever Lana." Another fan liked how hard Lana worked each and every day to get better.

"You worked your ass off. No excuses, no complaints, you were putting the work in AND improving," the fan stated. "I'll always remember meeting you and how you gave me credit for the first Lana shirt- 'Lana is the best, Lana number one.' Thank you, can't wait to see what the future holds for you."

Lana (real name C.J. Perry) started her WWE career in 2013 as a manager and then worked to become an in-ring competitor. During that time, Lana has paired with a number of different Superstars, including her real-life husband Rusev. It was that pairing that got Lana over with the crowd. But along with her work in WWE, Lana has made a name for herself in the film and TV industry. She can currently be seen in a movie called Cosmic Sun, which stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo.


"Over the years I've been able to play all these different things," Lana said to Digital Spy earlier this year. "Yes it's the same character Lana, but different chapters of her life. From being an ice-cold Russian to right now, a good guy who is being bullied and overcoming her enemies. I like to look at my career in WWE as chapters, different chapters of Lana's life. I feel like this chapter of Lana is a lot closer to C.J. in the sense of the way we're even packaging her versus when I first came on the scene with Rusev and I talked with a very thick accent."