Officials Suspend Search of Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard After Getting Caught in Riptide

Shad Gaspard, a former WWE Superstar, is reported missing after getting caught in a strong riptide at Venice Beach on Sunday, and the U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for him, according to TMZ. Gaspard and his 10-year old son were among a group of swimmers that got caught in a rip current, which led to lifeguards pulling everyone out. Gaspard's son was rescued, but officials continued to search for the 39-year old pro wrestler.

TMZ also reported that drivers scouted the area and helicopters were also used to search for Gaspard. One witness told TMZ when lifeguards went to rescue the swimmers caught in the riptide, Gaspard said to save his son first. Gaspard is known for his time in WWE, where he teamed up with JTG to form Cryme Tyme. Gaspard and JTG made their WWE debut in 2006 and became a fan favorite. They were released from their contracts in 2007 and went on the independent circuit before returning to WWE in 2008. Gaspard and JTG spent two years in WWE before the company released Gaspard in November 2010. In 2012, Gaspard talked about WWE's original plans for him before being released.

"I was supposed to go to Raw and face Cena, and I actually remember the day of the draft, and I didn't get drafted to Raw like I was supposed to that night so I was like something's up," Gaspard said on BDSIR's PerfectPlex Radio's Mike Knoxxx, Spotface, KME and Rivera. "So we came to Smackdown the next day, I remember walking down the hallway and seeing Michael Hayes, and I was like 'what am I doing today?' and he said 'I don't f—ing know because you're not supposed to be here.' So it was supposed to be me vs. Cena and they were supposed to build me up as a major heel on Raw. But because of certain agents and certain people didn't think I deserved it all of a sudden, I became the guy that can't wrestle."


After his time in WWE came to an end, Gaspard went to be an actor. He appeared in TV shows such as The Game, Big Time Rush, Key & Peele and In the Cut. Gaspard has also appeared in films such as My First Miracle, Brothers, and most recently Birds of Prey, where he performed stunts.