WWE: Fan Who Attacked Seth Rollins Speaks out, Explains Why He Tackled Him

The fan who attacked Seth Rollins is speaking out and explaining why he did it. Elisah Spencer, 24, spoke to the New York Daily News on Wednesday and explained his actions. Spencer revealed that he was the victim of a catfish scam where he had been in conversations with someone claiming to be Rollins. 

"I apologized to the WWE for my actions," Spencer said. "I had a legitimate beef but as a grown man I could have settled it a different way ... If I saw him today I wouldn't attack him. I've moved on. ... He was asking me to send him gift cards in exchange for money, mostly $500 or more to see if I was loyal. He asked me to be a wrestling blogger for him. I wanted to work my way up." Spencer attacked Rollins during a taping of Monday Night Raw in New York. He was apprehended and turned over to the NYPD before being charged with attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs. 

 "My plan was to help Finn Balor. I'm a fan. I like his aura, his attitude," Spencer explained. "I like everything about his charisma. I like everything about him. I jumped from where I was sitting at. I ran and speared Seth Rollins. I busted his lip open and he caught me in a headlock. I broke the headlock and I was trying to get him, then the referees and the security guards broke us apart."  

TMZ Sports caught up with Rollins, and he talked about being attacked by Spencer. "It's terrifying, brother," Rollins said. "It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay." Rollins went on to say he realized it was not part of the show, saying "once the tackle happened I knew what was going on. The guy was barreling around the corner."

After the attack, Rollins returned to the ring to watch the WWE Championship match between Big E and Austin Theory. He also told TMZ Sports that he did suffering any injuries during the attack. "Nothing like that," he said. "I was safe, we were safe. Everything was okay."