Washington Nationals Get Massive Payday Following World Series Victory

Following the victory over the Houston Astros to lock up the first World Series in franchise history, the Washington Nationals are enjoying the end of the season. Tuesday it was revealed that this World Series victory brought about another reward. The Nationals were given a massive payday that totaled $29,110,012.

According to TMZ Sports, the tickets sales for the playoff games resulted in a massive $80,861,145.74 pool of money. This amount was split up between the 10 playoff teams and was based on how far they went in the postseason. With the Nationals winning the World Series, they were given the biggest amount. The 61 players will all receive $382,358.

The Houston Astros, on the other hand, will award their players with $256,030 each. The rest of the money was given to the New York Yankees ($114K per player), St. Louis Cardinals ($144K per player), Atlanta Braves ($33K per player), Los Angeles Dodgers (32K per player), Minnesota Twins (37K per player), and Tampa Bay Rays ($36K per player).

This $80.861 million amount isn't record-setting, but it is among the top pool shares made available to playoff teams. In fact, it is the third-highest total in MLB history. The 2017 amount ($84,500,432.15) is in second place while 2018's amount holds the record ($88,188,633.49). Last year, the Boston Red Sox team split a record $31.7 million after winning the World Series. The runner-up, the Los Angeles Dodgers, split $21.2 million.

“Each year, as stipulated in the basic agreement between the players union and Major League Baseball, teams headed to the postseason hold a meeting to distribute shares,” The New York Times reported. “The money is designated in 25 full shares, but the players may divide the shares to include those who played during the year but were not on the playoff roster, as well as coaches, trainers and strength coaches.”

In addition, teams are given the opportunity to share the money with personnel that is not suiting up for the game. This includes bus drivers, groundskeepers, clubhouse attendants, chefs, security staff, and members of the public relations team.


With the World Series now complete, the Washington Nationals are now preparing for the upcoming season in which they must defend their title against the Astros and other top franchises. However, they can now enjoy some extra money based on this recent victory.

Photo Credit: Chaz Niell/Getty