US Women's Soccer Star Allie Long Los Angeles Hotel Room Burglarized

U.S. Women's National Team soccer star Allie Long suffered an egregious burglary on Thursday afternoon before the ESPYs. Long and her teammates are fresh off of their World Cup win, yet she is down several thousand dollars after someone reportedly stole cash, jewellery and other valuables from her hotel room in Los Angeles. Police are still searching for the culprit.

Long lost her wedding ring — valued at about $15,000 — as well as her ceremonial key to New York City and about $4,000 in cash in the burglarly, according to TMZ. Law enforcement sources said that Long was not in the room when her room at the Ritz-Carlton when the theft occured.

There was no forced entry in the cash grab, as Long herself admitted she had left her door open. The 31-year-old soccer star said that she blocked the door with its latch while she walked down the hall to talk to one of her teammates. After about an hour, she returned to find her stuff missing.

Police are considering the possibility that this burglary was an inside job. They note that the hotel has very thorough security, making it unlikely that a person off the street simply wandered up to Long's floor and saw the door open.

Long had just been given her key to the city of New York the day before. On Wednesday, she and the rest of the U.S. Women's National Team were honored with a ticker tape parade in Manhattan, traveling from Battery Park to City Hall up Broadway. At the end, Mayor Bill De Blasio presented each of them with a key to the city in honor of their massive 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup win.

Long has been playing for the national team since 2014 as a mid-fielder. In 2015, they became the first women's sports team to get a New York City ticker tape parade thanks to their World Cup win that year. They also accepted an invitation to visit President Barack Obama at the White House, although this time around things are markedly different.

The U.S. Women's National Team's co-captain Megan Rapinoe told reporters from Eight by Eight that she was not "going to the f-ing White House" weeks before their big win. That set off a chain reaction of controversies, with the president demeaning Rapinoe on Twitter in return.


Ultimately, Rapinoe told French reporters that she believed most of the team would stand with her, and "not many, if any" of them would accept an invitation by the Trump administration. Despite having previously said he would invite the whole team, President Trump and his staff have yet to extend a formal invitation.

On Friday, Rapinoe and co-captain Alex Morgan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the comedian escalated the stand-off even further. He presented the two soccer players with a massive table covered in fast food chicken nuggets, calling it the "experience of visiting the White House."