Watch Undertaker Take on the 'Hot Ones' Wing Challenge

The Undertaker has retired from WWE, making his final appearance on Survivor Series this past Sunday. But before he officially called it a career, The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark Calaway, appeared on First We Feast's Hot Ones series where he ate some of the hottest wings around. The show was filmed remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the wings were still hot, and the Undertaker felt it as the show progressed.

"How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death?" the YouTube description stated. "Find out how the trenchcoat-wearing Deadman fares in the Scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson's impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!"

While The Undertaker was eating wings, he also talked about his 30-year career in WWE. Host Sean Evans asked him a number of questions about his career as well as appearances on talk shows. One of the questions asked was if he was ever kicked out of a talk show.

"Absolutely miserable," The Undertaker said when talking about an appearance on Live! With Regis and Katie Lee. "Back then in the early 90s, I had no juice then. Right? I'm just one of the guys. And when the boss says, 'Hey, we want you to go on Regis and Kathie Lee,' you go on Regis and Kathie Lee."


The Undertaker appeared on different shows and media outlets to promote his Survivor Series appearance, which was fitting that it would be his "Final Farewell" since he made his WWE debut at Survivor Series in 1990. The Undertaker was unique in the sense he never left WWE for another promotion. He was there for the Golden Age, the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era and the Women's Evolution. The 55-year old is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE history and is known for what he did at the company's biggest stage WrestleMania. He competed in 27 WrestleMania matches and won 25 of them. He won 21 consecutive WrestleMania matches, a streak that began in 1991 and ended in 2014.