UFC's Paige VanZant and Husband Austin Vanderford Bare All Again in Kitchen Quarantine Photos

UFC fighter Paige VanZant is currently in self-quarantine with her husband, Austin Vanderford, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The two have been spending their time working out, cooking and creating a garden. They have also frequently been naked, which has led to a series of unique photos.

VanZant posted the latest example on her Instagram account on Monday. She showed two polaroids, one of which was her posing on the kitchen island. The other showed Vanderford flexing while standing on the same island. Both MMA fighters were completely nude, but their private parts were covered by a bottle of Conor McGregor's whiskey and a potato chip, respectively.

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"Our two favorite things... [whiskey emoji][popcorn emoji]" VanZant wrote in the caption of her photo. She did not specify whether or not the Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey is actually the preferred drink of choice in the household. It may have simply been some product placement for a fellow MMA fighter.

"Technically it's 3 fav things. Unless nudity doesn't count," one fan wrote on Twitter. Several others echoed this sentiment and made comments about the increasing number of nude photos on Instagram. One individual even called for the couple to release their own calendar.

If the two fighters opted to release a physical product, they would not have to stress about the number of available photos. VanZant's Instagram account has been filled with various photosets in recent days, showing them in a number of settings. One example is a photo that captured a workout in the garage, sans clothing. VanZant's rear was blocked by a yoga ball, while Vanderford's bottom was blocked by a hanging punching bag.

The other photos posted have shown the couple cooking in the nude, attempting acrobatic poses and posing on the deck for their neighbors. One photo, which showed VanZant and Vanderford working in the garden, created some questions among their fanbase. These commenters wanted to know who was taking the photographs.

The majority of fans believed that VanZant simply set up a tripod and put her camera on a timer. Although this was not a universal opinion. Several others debated about the photographer and joked both Joe Rogan and UFC president Dana White as potential options.


VanZant has not provided an answer about the photographer and is unlikely to do so in the coming days. However, the questions will continue if more photos surface on Instagram. With the stay at home order remaining in place for the foreseeable future, there likely won't be a shortage.