Tristan Thompson Takes Another Shot at Alleged Mistress Sydney Chase

Tristan Thompson, Boston Celtics player and boyfriend to Khloe Kardashian, is putting extra pressure on his alleged mistress Sydney Chase. Chase alleges she began a relationship with Tristan Thompson after he reunited with Kardashian. The Celtics player reportedly had his lawyer Marty Singer send a message to the Instagram model –– who claims to have intimate text messages with Thompson –– telling her to prove the existence of the text messages.

Singer says in a letter obtained by TMZ that Chase is refusing to show proof, which he says means this singular "inescapable conclusion ... that they do not exist." Thompson's legal team previously sent Chase a cease and desist following her appearance on the No Jumper podcast, where she made the original confession. Chase first denied receiving the letter, then confirmed she'd gotten the message saying that it was first sent to an old and no longer in use email address. "However, I'm moving forward with the truth and am choosing not to comply. I will not be called a liar," she said on her Instagram story.

Thompson's legal team alleges Chase is making false claims regarding the athlete in order to get her own come up, and have asked that she stop defaming him or legal action will be taken. Thompson isn't the only member of the family to reach out to Chase. Khloe Kardashian also sent her a message, though what the direct message from Instagram contained is unknown. Chase released a screenshot of two messages from the reality TV star. "Hey Sydney, this is Khloe," one message read. The rest of the message was altered to hide its contents. The second message said, "I would appreciate if our conversation can remain confidential" along with a prayer hand emoji.


In her interview, Chase alleged Thompson "told me he was not in a relationship anymore, so I said OK. We talked, we hung out multiple times, we went out together, everything." She went on to share that she did inquire if he was broken up with Khloe Kardashian. "Are you single?" she asked, and he allegedly responded, "Yes. It happened, and then I found out he was not single, and I cut him off." She later followed up her story with a TikTok video. "Yes the Tristan rumors are true" and claimed that the "last time we had contact — besides when he messaged me after finding out about the interview, it was the day after his daughter's birthday party."