Tom Brady Just Took a Jab at Seahawks Over Infamous Super Bowl Loss

Tom Brady is making sure the Seattle Seahawks never forget about the Super Bowl loss that happened five years ago. On Instagram, Brady posted a new commercial he's in with other NFL stars such as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Rob Gronkowski, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, his teammate Ezekiel Elliott and former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who puts his spin on the story Twas the Night Before Christmas. In the caption, Brady wrote: "I'm glad [Frito Lay] let Marshawn run with this one."

Lynch was the starting running back for the Seahawks when they took on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. The Seahawks had the chance to win the game as they were on the Pats' 1-yard line late in the fourth quarter. Instead of giving the football to Lynch, the Seahawks chose to pass, which led to Russell Wilson throwing an interception to Malcolm Butler. The Patriots went on to win their fourth Super Bowl and first in 10 years. After that, the Patriots went on to win two Super Bowls while the Seahawks haven't advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs.

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"I haven't thought about that yet—two touchdowns in that short a time against them," Brady said to Sports Illustrated after the game. "I felt good that we got the lead. I was THE reason we lost the lead. I felt like my teammates can count on me. I felt satisfied I overcame those two interceptions. I never want to be the reason why we lose." As for the Seahawks, head coach Pete Carroll had to explain why he didn't run the ball in that situation.

"The logic and reasoning (of the second-and-1 pass) is why you throw a TD pass with six seconds left in the half," Carroll said to Michael Silver of "You've trained your players to do the right thing, and I trust them to do right." He then said: "You could run on 2nd down, call timeout, have to throw on third and score, or incompletion and have to choose (run or pass) on the final down," Carroll texted. "That's ball logic, not 2nd guess logic ... you never think you'll throw an interception there, just as you don't think you would fumble."


Brady was just having some fun with the Seahawks and their fans because he knows the team is one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl this season, which will be played in Tampa. CBS Sports recently released its first power rankings of 2020, and the Bucs come in at No. 9 with the Seahawks right behind them at No. 10.